: Your petitioner must present evidence that neither the principal applicant nor any dependent applicants (if applicable) will become a public charge in the United States. The petitioner’s income must meet 125% of the Poverty Guidelines. ( I-864p)  https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p

  • Detailedinformation about the different forms required for the different types of visa applicants is available at


  •  Immediate relative (CR/IR) and family preference (F) cases

: An original I-864 (or I-864EZ along with a copy of the W-2 filed with the income tax returns, if applicable)  signed by the petitioner must be submitted with his or her most recent federal income tax return or tax transcript.

  •  If the petitioner’s income does not meet the poverty income guidelines, the petitioner may have a joint sponsor.

The joint sponsor must submit an original I-864 signed by the joint sponsor
along with his or her most recent federal income tax return and proof of his/her U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status.
( Note that the petitioner must still submit complete financial support documentation even if a joint sponsor is being used. )

  •  If a petitioner’s or joint sponsor’s tax return was jointly filed with his/her spouse, submit evidence of the petitioner’s or joint sponsor’s individual income (e.g. W-2) OR his/her spouse should submit an original I-864A and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status.
  •  IRS Tax Transcripts  are available online and a tax transcript may be submitted in lieu of a tax return for the same year.


Note for Petitioners Residing Abroad/Domicile
: For petitioners who have been residing outside of the United States, you must meet the domicile requirement in order to qualify as a sponsor.

To do so, you must demonstrate that you have maintained continuing ties to the United States and/or taken steps to reestablish your residence in the United States.

Information about your planned return to the United States, including a six-month timeline and evidence of your efforts to reestablish your residence, should be provided.