Immigrant Visa Process 2015 ( CR1 / IR1 / CR2 / IR2 )

USCIS Process  

1.Sending a petition I-130 + Fee + supporting documents to USCIS
2. Receiving Notice of Receipt ( NOA1)
3. Case is approved, receiving  Notice of Approval ( NOA2 )
4.Case will be transferred from USCIS to NVC

NVC Process  

5. NVC assigns case Number
6.Receiving case number and invoice ID number by Email
7.Filling out DS-261 online form
8.Paying AOS fee $120 online ( Collecting AOS documents to submit to NVC : Financial documents )
9.Receiving IV fee bill invoice by Email
10. Paying IV fee $325 online ( Collecting IV documents to submit to NVC )
11.Submit AOS documents to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $120 payment
12.Submit IV document to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $325 payment
13.Filling out DS-260 online form
14.waiting for NVC officer checks all documents
15.Case completes at NVC
16. NVC schedules interview date and transfers case file to embassy / consulate
17..An interview appointment letter is sent by Email

Embassy / Consulate    

18. Complete visa delivery address online form
19.Complete a medical examination before getting interview
20. Preparing all documents for the interview
21. Interview
22. Receiving  visa packet
23. Paying IV fee $165 before traveling


24. Showing visa packet to an immigrant officer at a port of entry
25. Receiving green card and SSN card by mail within 1-2 months.

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