Green Card Through Family Process 2015    ( CR1 / IR1 / CR2 / IR2 / F )

There  are the three important steps to the Immigrant Visa Process:

  1. Step 1 : USCIS
  2. Step 2 : NVC
  3. Step 3 : US Embassy /Consulate

Immigrant Visa Process for Green Card

1. USCIS  Process 

  1. Sending a petition I-130 + Fee + supporting documents to USCIS
  2. Receiving Notice of Receipt ( NOA1)
  3. Case is approved, receiving  Notice of Approval ( NOA2 )
  4. Case will be transferred from USCIS to NVC

2. NVC Process

  1. NVC assigns case Number
  2. Receiving case number and invoice ID number by Email
  3. Filling out DS-261 online form
  4. Paying AOS fee $120 online ( Collecting AOS documents to submit to NVC : Financial documents )
  5. Receiving IV fee bill invoice by Email
  6. Paying IV fee $325 online ( Collecting IV documents to submit to NVC )
  7. Submit AOS documents to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $120 payment
  8. Submit IV document to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $325 payment
  9. Filling out DS-260 online form
  10. waiting for NVC officer checks all documents
  11. Case Complete at NVC
  12. NVC schedules interview date and transfers case file to embassy / consulate
  13. An interview appointment letter is sent by Email

3. Embassy / Consulate Process

  1. Complete visa delivery address online form
  2. Complete a medical examination before getting interview
  3. Preparing all documents for the interview
  4. Interview
  5. Receiving  visa packet
  6. Paying IV fee $165 before traveling

The USA   

  1. Showing  visa packet to an immigrant officer at a port of entry
  2. Receiving green card and SSN card by mail within 1-2 months.

In some categories ,you have to wait for Visa Bulletin. After completing at NVC process, you need to wait until Visa Bulletin is available for you. Priority dates are given to immigrants waiting in line to get an immigrant visa and determine when a visa becomes available.

When visa is available for you, your case will be scheduled for interview. The US embassy will contact you to let you know the interview date , then you starts  Embassy / Consulate Process.

Green Card Process & Procedures :USCIS

NVC Process

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